// creating home. //

I actually have time to kill here in the library, between dinner and a pro-life club meeting! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.

In all seriousness, it’s been a crazy almost-two weeks since I’ve arrived here at Liberty. Crazy– but beautiful. Busy– but productive. New– but memorable.

It hasn’t been completely sunshine-y; I miss my family. I miss my home. I miss wandering downstairs to hang out with Matt, going on walks around the neighborhood with Mom, and going on grocery runs with Dad. I miss my blue room and piano and the Hendersonville library and being able to drive places. The homesickness comes and goes. I’m proud of myself when I can make it through a phone call with Mom without either of us crying. (We’re still working on that.) It’s been getting better, but I want to be honest with where I am: there are moments when it is so hard and I long for home and family.

But there is so much beauty here. Here there are huge trees and four-story-libraries and fairy lights and new friends and almost everything within walking distance. Here there are worship songs playing through speakers as you walk to class, and here there are professors who pray before classes (I will never ever get over the awesomeness of that as a former public schooler). Here there are upperclassmen girls who pour into us and make us feel comfortable and safe. Here there are 10-pm smoothies and four-hour conversations with new friends and meals with any friends who happen to be at the dining hall at the same time as you. Here there are adventures and prayers and opportunities to grow.

Slowly but surely, I’m creating a home for myself here at Liberty.

It doesn’t feel like home yet. It may not for awhile.

But I’m beginning to know how it feels, having your heart caught between two places.

It isn’t entirely bad.

Thank you, to everyone who has prayed and encouraged and loved me, and continues to do so as I journey forth on this new adventure.

Tennessee– my family– that will forever be my heart’s home.

But this new home I’m creating is going to be just as lovely and full of joy and memories.

I’m off to my meeting now; I just wanted to pop in and give you a life update.

I love you all, always!

{love, Em}