// you were born to bloom. //

“Just keep believing, you’ll see a new season soon

You’re turning into something amazing

Baby, you were born to bloom, bloom, bloom.”

// Moriah Peters / “Bloom” //


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{See that shy little half-open bud in the left corner? Remember it; it’s kind of important.}

For the past month, roughly, we’ve been keeping flowers in our upstairs bathroom in preparation for showing and selling our house. Now, to many of you, this doesn’t seem like a big deal at all, and you’ve got flowers in your house all the time, and I just need to chill.

Well, I share my bathroom with my younger brother. Flowers are a very big deal.

So, flowers. I’ve been watering them off and on to keep them alive, going on errands to pick up fresh ones, that sort of thing. And I’ve also been admiring their beauty while going through my daily and nightly routines of brushing teeth and hair. (Disclaimer: I do indeed wash my face as well. But I do not admire flowers while washing my face, because I am not wearing my glasses and cannot see the flowers well enough to properly admire them. Rest assured that I am indeed hygienic.)

This week’s vase of flowers has been particularly lovely and joy-inducing, and I’m probably giving way too much philosophical thought to flowers seeing as I am writing a blog post around them, but in my defense I had these thoughts after midnight. (I get particularly big-picture-thinking at night, when I don’t have Life and Busyness to distract me.)

Remember the shy little half-open flower bud that’s sort of hiding behind the other fully-bloomed flowers? I told you it would be important.

The other flowers were already in full bloom when I bought this bouquet on Monday– all the flowers except for this one and another.

Two little closed buds, on the fringes of the bouquet, not welcome to the flower-party.

For the past few days, I’ve been watching them, curious to see if they’ll bloom, and that curiosity morphed into wishing they’d bloom because that would be lovely.

(Once I even caught myself saying, “C’mon, you can do it!” and promptly had a good laugh at myself and how invested I was in this.)

And yesterday, while I was out in Real Life and Taking Care of Things, this bud finally opened.

So when I came in to get ready for bed, I was naturally excited because I was getting to watch a bloom in action, and that was pretty cool.

And like I said, it was just after midnight, so I was a bit sleepy and poetical, and I started thinking.

Yes, this flower-bud was rather shy, and certainly was taking its time to bloom (it still is), but here I was excited over it, and thinking to myself that it’s so much lovelier than its kindred flowers who have bloomed already.

Not every flower blooms at once. Life would be a lot less interesting if they did.

But the flowers that take their time and work to be brave and bloom, they’re every bit as beautiful as the bold, cheery ones who bloom early on.

And they are definitely worth the wait.

Don’t feel obligated to bloom before your time.

Trust in God’s timing, and you’ll grow and bloom more than you could’ve ever imagined.

And it will be beautiful.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
{See? Look how lovely the little bud is now. It is doing its own thing. You do you, and don’t worry about the timing of your blooming. It’s all in the Gardener’s hands anyway.}

{love always, Em}

2 Replies to “// you were born to bloom. //”

  1. Thank you for writing this Emily; it was just exactly what I needed right now! ❤ Also, the writing and pictures felt all fluttery and pinky and it was so lovely to read ^_^ *hugs*

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