// reasons for eucharisteo: to the brokenhearted //

This is an interlude of sorts; I know I haven’t posted one of my usual eucharisteo lists in awhile, and I’ll get back to those soon, but this idea came to me while I was on a walk this evening, and I think it needs saying.

Because there are reasons to be thankful, even when we’re hurting and confused:

-It pushes you closer to the Lord. You’re reminded that He is truly the only One whom you can always depend on, who will never walk away or let you go or shut you out. When you fix your eyes on Him, you find a joy and peace that’s greater than any you could ever have if that friend had stayed in your life. With Him, you’re home, and your heart is safe.

-You get really good at self-examination. If you realize you’ve done something wrong, you ask forgiveness. And if you can’t for the life of you figure out why they’re acting the way they are, well, you still resolve to be a better friend in the future anyway. Because when you’re examining your own heart and actions, you always find other areas in need of character improvement too.

-You’re more appreciative of the people who have stayed, who haven’t broken the trust that you don’t give easily but have given them. Yes, you know that realistically they’ll let you down at some point, because they’re human, but you know they’ll love you no matter what. You can trust them with your real self and know they won’t cast you aside. Family, best friends. {Guys– you know who you are. Thank you for everything. I’m even more grateful for you than ever. You make me smile. I love y’all!}

-You learn to let go. Again. And again. And again, pretty much every day until you find yourself not thinking about it anymore. There comes a point where you have to save your own heart from breaking. You can’t beg. You won’t beg. But you also can’t hold onto the hurt and let it morph into bitterness. That’s not good for the soul, y’know. Learning what God is teaching you from it, then letting go and moving on and looking for lovely? That’s what a hurting soul needs.

-It fosters wisdom in you. You’re more careful about who you really trust, and you’re more self-aware. And then there’s the most important piece of wisdom– in Christ alone.

-The world keeps turning. Life keeps happening. God keeps making beautiful things. Hurt isn’t the end. It’s only for a season, and there is still sunshine amidst the storm.

-When you let go, you learn that you can still forgive. And even if that person was, as my lovely mom would say, a chapter in your story and not a storybook friend for life, that chapter is still important to your life-story, and even though it might be over, it was still good. And that friend might return in another chapter someday. And if that happens, you’ll be there.

-Sometimes, going to Starbucks with your Bible and a journal and a good book is the perfect recipe for letting go of sadness. If, y’know, that’s one of your (hopefully many) happy places. If it’s not, then find your happy place and go there when the hurt gets to be too much. It’s okay to give yourself a little sunshine when you need it.

-Hugs. Hugs are so important. This isn’t as deep as the others, but I wanted to end on a happy note. Because hugs. ^_^

God is good, and He makes beautiful things out of dust and ash.

My Comforter, my All in All, here in the love of Christ I’ll stand.

It is well with my soul.

{love, Em}

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