// tales of a dream-keeper //

{Something that I wrote awhile back, and feel my heart tugging at me to share now on the dear lovely blog.}


// tales of a dream-keeper //

He was a dream-keeper— he wrapped up people’s dreams and did what was best with them.

Some he saved for the people to open up at a later date. He always loved the radiance coming from these sweet, long-cherished dreams— and the joy in the eyes of the ones whose dreams came to fruition. It was that unbridled light that kept him faithfully doing his job for so long.

Others he shoved deep into his pocket, to become his unfulfilled burden rather than their own. They grew rather dusty and old, and yet he held on to them faithfully as long as their dreamers drew breath, all the while hoping that one day they would ask for them again. Every once in awhile, they did, and he would blow the dust and cobwebs away and give them back with a renewed light in his eyes.

Still others he held close to his heart, for he knew that they would be shattered— the worst thing that could happen to dreams. When those sad, parched dreams began to crack and bleed— he did too. It was the hardest part of his job, letting dreams die. But sometimes… sometimes even that was what was best for some dreams. Because he knew that some dreams must die in order for better, brighter dreams to take their place— and in order for their dreamers to grow.

And then others… others were the special dreams, dreamt by the special dreamers. They were the ones who knew of the dream-keeper, and entrusted their dreams to him. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds— for you see, people like to make sure their own dreams come true, even if that dream isn’t meant to become a reality. Their stubbornness becomes their downfall. But the special dreamers… they knew that the only way to live an abundant life was to surrender their dreams to the dream-keeper, with a willing heart and cheerful spirit. And when they did, oh, it was beautiful— the way those surrendered dreams blossomed into something far bigger than anything their dreamers could have possibly imagined.

Those were the dream-keeper’s favorite dreams— the ones that spilled over into others’ dreams, mending the shattered and stirring up the unfulfilled. The ones that were given to his safe-keeping so that he could grow them into something more than the dreamers dared to dream.

Because he wasn’t merely a collector and keeper of dreams— no, he was the life-giver of dreams as well.

People need dreams to live fully alive, and the dream-keeper made it his life’s work to give them that. Even when it pained him, even when it was a burden, even when the wait was long.

Because, as the dream-keeper himself would tell you, the unimaginable beauty of fulfilled dreams made every one of the dream-keeper’s sacrifices worth it.


“Take my dreams, come and give them wings, ’cause Lord with You, there’s nothing I can’t do…”

-Britt Nicole, “Set the World on Fire”

{love always, Em}