// reasons for eucharisteo, vol. 11 //

I’ve been wanting to write a blog post for the past five days I’ve been cooped up at home a la snow, but haven’t found the right words to say… so here are some blessings to make you smile!

390.) a stadium filled to the brim with thousands of believers.

391.) singing “Revelation Song” a capella with Kari Jobe and 15,000 others. Heavenly.

392.) spontaneous GNO with mom while the boys to see a movie.

393.) asking Jesus to reset my faith + passion for the lost. (Together 2016— check this out, y’all. Every Christian needs to know about this. It’s seriously amazing, and how I wish I could go!)

394.) sitting outside in the sunshine with a book.

395.) two full days of just me + Matt at home.

396.) spontaneously going to pick up sandwiches for lunch.

397.) “and how are you today?”

398.) Grandmommy checking in on us because she loves us.

399.) spontaneous visits from the grands. ❤

400.) when writerly friends wish to share their (amazing!) ideas.

401.) the last few lovely days of summer (bittersweet).

402.) cloudy days– there’s a tranquility about them that I love.

403.) Sarah is so encouraging + filled with Jesus, and talking to her makes me smile.

404.) there are always so many reasons to rejoice!

405.) He is the ultimate healer + restorer.

406.) the grands coming to Matt’s practice just to bring us a box of fresh donuts.

407.) dual classes: going to school late and/or leaving early.

408.) when we have over 50 students at our first FCA of the year! {For those who don’t know, FCA is Fellowship of Christian Athletes, only you don’t have to be an athlete to join (or else I wouldn’t be in it, ha). It’s basically a student-run school club for believers; ours meets before school every Monday morning for prayer, every Thursday morning for a speaker or music or fellowship or whatever we feel called to do that week. I’m a co-president this year. It’s been so amazing to see all that God has done, and to do ministry with my fellow officers!}

409.) God is doing great things and I get to be a part of them.

410.) making new friends + deepening acquaintances.

411.) everyone is so excited about FCA this year.

412.) ^people I’ve never talked to are approaching me about it!

413.) completing my application to my dream school.

414.) Starbucks dates with friends before school.

415.) I GOT ACCEPTED INTO LIBERTY! Praise the Lord!

416.) getting to talk to a couple of dear friends again, just a bit.

417.) my dual psych teacher is a believer and this is so encouraging.

418.) taking pictures of autumn’s splendor while on a walk.

419.) ^vibrant red trees. They’re so gorgeous.

420.) Invincible by Two Steps– reminds me of Christ’s return.

421.) we are “His chosen vessels of grace”. (SRT Colossians study)

422.) buying tea at World Market (lots of it).

423.) walking around Jonesboro, Tennessee (vintage loveliness).

424.) FCA, still going strong every Thursday morning.

425.) choosing what is godly over what is “normal/fun”– hard but so worth it.

And now it is Quite Late, so I’m off to use the sleep. Goodnight dear lovely people; may the Lord bless you all this week!

{love, Em}


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