seventeen. {11.30.15}

2015-10-23 22.25.41

It’s a strange thought, knowing that this time tomorrow I’ll be legally, officially, an adult.Those of you who know me know that I’ll forever be young at heart, no need to worry about that, but still, today marks the official end of my growing-up years. I’m on the very last page of the story of Em’s Childhood, and the Lord is bringing it to a neat and tidy conclusion.

Not to say that my story is finished, by any means. It’s more of a cliffhanger ending, one of those that leaves you guessing and just dares you to start reading the next book in the series immediately. That book is called Adulthood, and tomorrow it releases from the Author’s hand– a book filled with mystery and possibilities, and all the joys and bittersweetness that comes with flying from the nest. Even though it’s filled with unknowns, I’m not afraid like I was just this time last year– for I know that the Author of my life-books already has the ending all planned out, and it’s going to be beautiful.

2015-10-24 15.52.58-2

And as the main character in this story called Life, on the brink of a nostalgic ending and a fresh new beginning, I can look back at previous chapters and see just how much I’ve grown, how much the Author has reshapen me into His workmanship and refined me like gold– and how He’s not even close to being finished with me yet.

Seventeen was a busy chapter of life to be sure. I finished my first novel and started a new one, realised that Liberty University was where God was leading me, got a car of my own, started my senior year, stepped up to help lead my school’s FCA, made several new friendships and deepened others, read many excellent books that drew me closer to the Lord and brought my imagination to life, and had so many random and epic adventures that all came together to make up a beautiful, beautiful chapter.

with sunshine in her hair

So here’s to the chapter of seventeen, the year of much growth and joy and firsts and lasts all overlapping.
May eighteen be even better, even brighter, even more joyful and adventure-full, and above all else, even more for His glory.

2015-10-24 10.29.50-2

{love always, Em (who is no longer a child)}

// all photo credits go to Melissa Field Photography //


6 Replies to “seventeen. {11.30.15}”

  1. :’) The loveliness! Those pictures are breathtaking, Emmie, and so are your words. You are so beautiful inside and out. Happy early birthday, dear friend! I’m so thankful to know you. ❤


  2. Ok. WOW. this is beautiful girl! {as are you, birdie} the pictures are so gorgeous and the words are too. I’m still a wee bit away from adulthood and am already a little scared by spells. I’m so glad to know you’re taking this head on in courage as a grand adventure! You are such a joy to know you ❤

    G w Y n


    1. Thank you so much Gwyn-dear! You’re a joy to know as well ^_^ Love you!
      You’ll find that as you get closer and closer to it, you’re a bit less scared than you were before. That doesn’t seem like it makes much sense, but it’s what happened with me. 🙂


  3. Ohh I’m glad to hear that… I can understand how that would happen… I guess it’s the way God designed us, that as we grow and change each day closer to a destination we will get more used to and ready for it?

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