// “into the fire we go!” – nanowrimo 2015 //


The simultaneously best-and-worst month of the year. (You fellow writerly souls know what I mean.)

Tomorrow, November 1st, marks the first day of NaNoWriMo. And also my last month of childhood– but this blog post isn’t about my looming adult-ing, so there.

I just wanted to share the story I’m working on with all you lovely people. Sound good? (Plus, I needed an excuse to write a blog post. I’ve missed it.)

{The book cover that I made All By Myself; quite proud of it, actually}:


{Basically the only synopsis I could concoct without including Major Spoilers}:

Everyone wants to defeat the villain at the story’s end, but what happens when the villain ends up becoming a hero?

To the world, she is known as Shadow– the girl who slips unnoticed throughout the city, building her reputation among the criminal underworld as a skilled and dangerous retrieval specialist. When circumstances force her to seek shelter in the home of her nemeses, a group of teenage heroes called the Light Squad, her cynical outlook on life slowly begins to crack… but only when the greatest sacrifice of all is made for her can she understand the meaning of this thing called grace.

And maybe, just maybe, the girl of shadows is filled with more light than even she knows.


{Now it’s time to meet a few of the characters…}

Shadow // Sierra Roth

shadowviolet eyes

Rogue // Tori Davidson {Sierra’s best friend and literal partner in crime}

rogue - pink rogueee

~The Light Squad~

lights in dark places

Defender // Josh Carter {the team’s leader}


Inferno // Luke Howard


Arrow // Damien Thompson


Sprocket // Hana Suzuki


Wildflower // Lili Racioppa


Firelight // Cass Howard


~Those Who Live in Darkness~

Duchess {Shadow and Rogue’s Mentor– more neutral than anything}

duchessduchess is a nightmare dressed like a daydream

Emperor + Empress {The highest of the city’s underworld, yet you never see his face; she runs their business socially, makes everything look like sunshine and roses– but not everything is what it seems}

empress of darknessempress.


Seriously, I’m so excited for this…


into the fire we goooOOOOO

{Into the Fire // The Scarlet Pimpernel (musical)}

{and so, goodnight… love always, Em}


9 Replies to “// “into the fire we go!” – nanowrimo 2015 //”

  1. YESSS. I’ve been getting up extra early to have journal and devotions and tea time and GIRLFRIEND IT IS THE BEST. I HAVE BEEN SLEEPING THROUGH HEAVEN. I really need to make this a permanent habit.


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