// “woman up!” – female character tag //

…which is basically an excuse to do something I really enjoy doing: rambling about fictional characters. I had such fun writing this up!


Rules of this tag:

1.) List five of your favorite female characters (book or screen)

2.) Tagging other people is optional

3.) If you are tagged link back to the person that tagged you (that would be Eva :))

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Protagonist: Anne Shirley (the Anne of Green Gables series)


Well, I think the fact that I keep coming back to her book series over and over again is a testament to just how much I love her… But seriously, she’s just the best, especially as she gets older and pursues college and writing and love and all that fun stuff. I’ve always loved her vivid imagination and compassionate nature, not to mention the beautiful way she has with words, and let me tell you, she’s downright hilarious once she really develops her sense of humor. I laugh so hard at some of the situations she gets herself into. She’s got such inner strength and determination, and yet she’s not afraid to be feminine. It’s encouraging– that there are other (perhaps more important) strengths besides just physical, that you can be both girly and strong.

Anne brightens every place she goes just by being herself, by being a ray of sunshine, and I would say that’s one of the best kinds of role models to have. After all, Jesus Himself calls us to be lights in this dark world… Anne lives that calling out every day, and that’s why she’ll forever be one of my favorites.


Villain: Madame Thénardier (Les Misérables)


I know, I knooow, but just bear with me while I explain.

Yes, she’s loud and obnoxious and garish and bitter and rather inappropriate in general. And she was horribly cruel to poor Cosette. And she kicked her young sons out of their home, which is totally not cool, girl. BUT, I can’t help but think that had her circumstances been different, she would’ve been pretty awesome. If she hadn’t married Thénardier– a decision which she clearly regrets in all adaptations of the story (and really, who can blame the poor woman?)– who knows what she could’ve done with her life? It’s clear that she despises what she and her family have become, and it’s a shame that she can’t (doesn’t) do anything to change that.

And even with her unfortunate lot in life, we still see that she has a heart– look at how much she cares for her daughters. At least she tries to take care of them, to give them a good life. She may have failed in the end, but she truly did love them, and it’s really hard to dislike a mother who loves her children. But then that brings us back to her giving her sons up… and that does make me dislike her, I’m afraid. See? She’s incredibly complex and a fascinating character.

Say what you will about Madame, but she’s tough as nails and has a heart, deep down. If she hadn’t made such poor life choices (read: Thénardier), she could’ve been so great– and her children would’ve had good lives as well. But alas, that’s not what happened… Thanks, Victor Hugo, for making your characters miserable. (See what I did there?)


Superhero: Honey Lemon (Big Hero Six)

honey lemon the precious cinnamon roll

now THAT'S a chemical reaction

Yes, she gets GIFs because she’s awesome.

Bet you weren’t expecting an animated superhero, right? Well, there you go. HONEY LEMON IS AMAZING.

She’s incredibly smart– the girl’s majoring in chemical engineering. Hello. And she’s also a tad bit crazy, as chemists tend to be– she LOVES explosions and incorporates them into her weaponry (which, by the way, is a periodic table purse that shoots out these brightly colored chemical balls that each have a different cool function and I really really want it). She’s compassionate– always the one to make sure the rest of the team is okay, always the one to point them towards the bright side of things. AND THE BEST PART: She’s essentially a whirlwind of sunshine and flowers and all things adorable. Which is definitely NOT something you would typically associate with a superhero. Way to defy stereotypes! (Also, she wears glasses– pink ones, at that– so we are clearly kindred spirits.)

Personality-wise, she’s basically me as a chemist-slash-superhero (my dad’s even confirmed it) and I love it.


That I would want to be friends with: Jo March (Little Women)

josephine you little writer you

…Not that there aren’t a ton of other characters I’d love to be friends with (especially Anne and Honey and Éponine and Lizzy Bennet and…), but I think that Jo and I would get on quite nicely.

See, we’re both writerly people, and we have a similar sense of humor, so between that and our mutual love of good books and tea we’d never run out of things to talk about. And yes, there are other funny, writerly characters out there (again, Anne), but the thing about Jo is that she has a fiery temper. She gets into all kinds of mischief. And me, well, I don’t. I need friends who will stir me up from time to time, friends who bring out my adventurous side that tends to lie dormant when I’m alone.

It would be so much fun to be friends with Jo, don’tcha think?


That I wish had better development: Éponine Thénardier (Les Misérables — in the musical/movie, anyway)

daughter of the barricades

*takes a deep breath* SHE IS NOT JUST THE GIRL WHO LOVED MARIUS WHO DIDN’T LOVE HER BACK, OKAY? Thank you. Just wanted to clarify.

Yes, I get that unrequited love was a significant part of her character– but that isn’t her entire identity as a person! She’s a Thénardier. A daughter. An older sister. A girl of the streets who knows Paris like the back of her hand. A girl who likes books and is curious about everything, yet had to give up her education at a young age. A girl who isn’t afraid to speak her mind in a time and place where that is severely frowned upon. A girl who’s been turned to steel by her rough life yet still has a heart. A girl who has no ray of sunshine in her life except the one man who has ever been kind to her, and as a result fancies herself in love with him because a good man is her (seemingly unattainable) dream. A girl who, in the end, is willing to sacrifice herself to save another.

‘Ponine is SUCH an amazing character, and I feel that, as great as the movie and musical were, they hardly skimmed the surface of her character. Maybe that was the point, to give her a bit of mystery– or maybe they just couldn’t fit it in with the way they had to condense 1,200 pages of fiction into a couple of hours.

And then, of course, there’s the issue of her dying before she has the chance to really develop and grow (again, thanks Hugo). A good portion of the Les Mis fandom has determined that 1.) if they’d lived, she and Enjolras (the leader of the revolution) would’ve made the perfect couple and 2.) she would’ve gone on to better herself, learning to read and write and work for a living, perhaps even venturing into politics (after all, who better to stand up for the poor than one who was poor?). The fandom has proved that Éponine had so much potential as a character… but nope, Victor Hugo can’t have any happy characters in Les Mis. It wouldn’t do. *shakes head scornfully* Ah, well. Thank goodness for imagination, I guess. ^_^


That’s all. Thank you for reading my ramblings. 🙂

If you’d like to do this tag (it’s quite fun), be my guest!

{love, Em}

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