// normal. //

For me, normal is…
-getting up reasonably early (which admittedly varies from day to day), going to sit at my desk, and opening up my laptop, my quiet time notebook, and my Bible for a She Reads Truth study.
-after which I stumble downstairs and immediately grab a mug from the cupboard and a bag of (usually breakfast) tea to make my morning tea in the microwave (because I unfortunately do not own a teapot or anything). Then I add a dash of almond milk to my tea, fix my breakfast, and enjoy the next twenty minutes or so with a good book, good food, and good tea. It’s my happy place.
-giving my whole family good morning hugs. And goodbye hugs. And goodnight hugs. And spontaneous hugs.
-jamming to Spotify while I get ready, both in the morning and for bed at night. I have to wait until after Matt leaves for school, though– he isn’t usually a fan of my music xD
-doing all the homework that I can right when I get home because then it’s DONE and I don’t have that constant dread of “oh wait I still have to do this”. And also eating a snack with it. Which usually involves pretzels or Goldfish or a mixture of both.
-writing SOMETHING during the day. Anything. Blog post, journal entry, story snippet, random opinionated rant, note to a friend– something. The time at which I write varies from day to day; I don’t schedule my writing. I probably should; I’d likely write more.
-lately our family has decided that we like watching TV together while we eat dinner. Matt and I bring down a towel to sit on, and we all watch either a movie or the Goldbergs or Cops or Food Network– and it’s quite nice. This doesn’t happen every night, of course, but when it does it’s nice.
-reading something in spare moments throughout the day. While eating– between classes– just whenever. I can’t just NOT read.
-I’ve come to really enjoy the drive to and from school every day. It’s so nice and peaceful, and I play my Christian radio and *usually* am happy with the songs playing.
-doodling all over notes and such. It’s kind of funny when people comment on it, especially teachers.
-if you notice I’m being quiet or look lost in thought, that’s because I’m plotting something. Something fictional. Either that or I’m reliving my favorite parts from other stories. Tis great fun either way.
-going to church in a movie theatre. Which is also fun.
…and that’s my current normal. 🙂 Not too exciting, but it’s the little things that make life beautiful. I’m very grateful!
Love, Em


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