// the shortest blog post ever… //

…But it’s my blog so I shall do as I please.

This was a little snippet that came to me as I was driving to school, that I scribbled down as soon as I got settled in my government class::

She gets so caught up in all that she isn’t

That she loses sight of who He is

And all that she is in Him.

So yeah… If you’re listening to the part of you that’s full of insecurities and lies, as all of us do from time to time (as I did this morning), remember your true identity.

You are a child of the King of Kings– a prince or princess– and are worth more than you will ever know. God has such wonderful plans for your life– for you are on a mission, you know. A mission to give your utmost for His highest, to share Him with this broken world who needs Him. You are redeemed, you have purpose, you are His workmanship, and you are loved, so loved. Please, please remind yourself of that every day. Because THAT is who you truly are, not a number on a scale or a test score or a talent (or lack of it). You are His child, and in Him you are more than enough.

{love always, Em}

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