// one chapter ends, a new one begins //

Well, it happened. Quite unexpectedly, I might add.

Sure, I knew that I was getting close to the end, but I hadn’t realized until I grabbed my pens and journal this afternoon that there was only one page left.

A once-blank notebook was about to be filled to the brim with the chaotic beauty that is life. For some people, this isn’t really a big deal, but you see, this is the first journal that I’ll genuinely enjoy going back and reading through. It’s the first journal that I’ve actually persisted and filled every page with musings. And it’s the first journal with personality I’ve ever kept.

Part of this is because I actually named it, way back when I first started writing in it last March:

her name was elsa

Now, before you say anything, this was not because of Frozen. There were three reasons I named it Elsa: one, because “pledged to God” is such a delicious name-meaning and perfect for my journal; two, because at the time I was very into German culture (*cough cough* The Book Thief) and Elsa has German origins; and three, well, because I wanted to. Plain and simple.

And then, after I decided on a name, I wrote the first entry with much excitement:

the first entry

And now, over a year later, there’s finally a last entry:

the last entry

Yay for calligraphy pens and the color purple! And also for my eucharisteo list.

That once snowy-white, possibility-filled book isn’t blank anymore, and for that I am so glad! The beautiful thing about journaling is that you never just run out of room– fill up one book? Simply move on to the next. A fresh start, a new story just waiting to be written. And you are the only one who can write it! It’s completely and wholly yours– by you and for you– to do whatever you want with it. Lovely thought!

Here are a few things I’ve done with mine…

by His wounds

a pome

sketch every hour

dare to ask questions

(Go ahead. Answer one {or more} of these. I dare you. :))

So… there you have it. A little celebration of chapters ending and beginning, and a glimpse at some of the breathings of my heart. (And this is the most anyone shall ever see of this book. Ahem.)

Goodbye, Elsa… I’ll miss you, dear friend, but it’s time to start a new chapter of aliveness, don’tcha think?

{love, Em}

**Sorry for the poor quality of some of these photos… I don’t even know.


2 Replies to “// one chapter ends, a new one begins //”

  1. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous journal Emily!
    I love journalling so much, and it’s always such a mix of sadness and excitement when you finish one, no?
    I’m drawing to the end of my current one, and have been a bit uninspired with it of late, so when I do finish it, I’m planning to start on a new pretty paperback one and make it much more artsy etc (hmm, can you guess which blogger has been a big inspiration there?? 😉
    Gah, I just think journalling is the greatest. It’s so epic to be writing your own story in a way only you can… and I feel like I’m leaving behind a bit of myself and history in my journals…



    1. Oh yes! So bittersweet.
      And my goodness yes– I LOVE Grace’s journals! She’s such a huge inspiration to me as well; can’t wait to start on my new journal! (Trying to hold out ’til the first day of school– senior year, sentimentality and all. :))
      *nods* Exactly, precisely! I’m so glad you love journaling too, my friend. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting! ❤


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