// in which I remind myself of where I stand //

// a greater Love than this //

at twelve years old

she’s at the age when most girls

begin really seeking the interest of boys

and even though that’s the norm

she prefers to go about this elusive “love” thing

a different way


one night she whispers a prayer

for her Father to guard her heart and

keep him safe and happy

(if he even exists at all)


it’s not too hard to stay away from the dating scene

in middle school

but as she grows older

her longing for love grows too


the stories she reads

the movies she watches

the people she sees

all build her dreams

of what love really is

what it’ll be like for her someday

(maybe, hopefully)


and perhaps it’s strange that

at seventeen years old

she’s already wondering if

she’ll ever find him

or live out her life as a single maiden

in a kingdom full of kings and their queens


but then she remembers—

her purpose is not to “find him”

nor to resign herself to a life of loneliness and longing

but something far, far greater


her heart, you see

is in the Lord’s keeping

which means that ultimately

she is not living for love

no— she’s living for a greater Love

than all the world can offer


if her future husband is out there somewhere

wonderful— God will bring him in His perfect timing

but if he isn’t

if she is meant to stay single

then so be it— she will serve the Lord with all her heart

and show others His love, that greater Love

 with everything she’s got


she isn’t exactly “waiting” for this mysterious him

because that would imply that

meeting him is when her life begins

which is simply not the truth


her life will be abundant and blessed

so long as she fixes her eyes on the Cross

(no husband necessary)

and it would be a shame to waste

those productive years of singleness

by longing for something different

than what He has given her


so she prays

she watches

she reminds herself that she’s already Loved,

loved more than she can even fathom

by One who has all her days already written out

and waiting for her to live


her story may include a love interest

or maybe not—

but no matter how her tale plays out

she will seek Him above all else

and that will make her content

the way she is.




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