// tags are rather fun //

Since I happen to be wearing purple today, I have hereby been tagged by Eva to basically answer a bunch of random/interesting questions. And since I happen to love stuff like this, I’m in!

1.) How many siblings do you have? One, my little brother Matt. You might think it’d be rather quiet with just the two of us, but nope! He’s the crazy, outgoing, fearless, entertainer, hilarious one. I’m the quieter, farsighted, bookish, witty one. I think we balance each other out pretty nicely, and I’m SO grateful for all the fun and silliness he brings to our family!

2.) How many kids would you like to have? Three or four. Definitely more than two (Matt and I balance our family out, but sometimes it’d be nice to have another sibling too), but not a crazy huge number. And I want to adopt at least one of my kids. ❤

3.) Favourite colour for a horse? Um… white. Or golden. They’re both very majestic colors.

4.) Last food you ate? Dad made peccadillo and rice and tamales for dinner, and let me just say that that was delicious. Cuban food and Mexican food suit each other well.

5.) Last book you read? Les Misérables. You can see my review of it hither. I’m currently working on Mere Christianity, though, if we’re getting literal about this…

6.) Favourite colour? Pink. The hue of preference has changed over the years, but right now I’m really loving rosy shades and soft, light pinks. Yellow’s always been close behind it– either bright sunshine or a soft buttercream-y color. And yellow and pink together? Pure loveliness.

 pink and yellow

7.) Favourite movie? Um… what. Where do I begin? Animated, I’d have to say Tangled and Big Hero Six. Non-animated, Princess Bride, P&P 1995, and the Captain America movies. Ooh, and the Avengers. (Because who doesn’t love them?)

8.) What do you most want to do this summer? Hmm… there’s many things on my to-do list this summer, but I think what I’d like more than anything is to a.) grow closer to the Lord b.) edit and look into publishing my novel– and develop my idea for a new original story and c.) be adventurous. Because adventures are what summer’s all about, aren’t they?


9.) Do you like to dance? Well, I cannot dance to save my life, so no. But I do love watching other people dance (when they’re actually good at it, anyway).

10.) What is your favourite flower? Roses. Specifically the white, soft pink, and crimson ones. I love how each color has a different meaning, and how the flower as a whole symbolizes love. Plus, they smell heavenly.

11.) Do you like eating or gathering wild edibles? I live in suburbia, so I’ve never actually gathered anything… Or eaten wild things. I love strawberries and raspberries, so I want to go berry picking someday… I think I’d like it.

12.) Which do you like better: Walking in the woods or watching hot coals/fire? Ooh, that’s a tough one. Well, I love walking in the woods because there’s just something about being surrounded by nature that makes you feel inexplicably closer to God, and that’s the best feeling ever. So I’ll say wandering around in His beautiful world. ^-^

summer beginning - 2015 022 - His creation

(mine, taken on a hike)

13.) Where do you live? Tennessee. (But let it be known that I find “Rocky Top” rather annoying. *grins*)

14.) Which do you like better: tea, coffee, or hot chocolate? TEA. Ahem. I don’t like the bitter aftertaste of coffee, and while I like hot chocolate I only want to drink it on Christmas or snow days. But tea though… I may be an addict. (And not just hot tea– I’m southern, so iced tea is clearly a staple in my house. Sweet or unsweet. Black or green. Hot or cold. It doesn’t matter– if it’s tea, I’ll drink it.)

15.) Are you scared of spiders or do you think they are fun pets? “Fun” and “spiders” should NEVER be used in the same sentence. (Me? Scared? Whaaaaat…)

16.) Do you own a harp and if so may I play it? I don’t, sorry. The closest thing I’ve got is my electric keyboard, which has various harp settings on it– would that work? *shrugs* I don’t know if anyone even owns a harp anymore…

17.) Which do you like better: candlelight or electric light? Candlelight is far prettier, but practically I’d have to say electric light. Can’t have my vision getting any worse than it already is! 😉


18.) Would you prefer to own a dog or a cat better (if any)? Um, neither. I’m allergic to cats, so there’s that, and since I’ve never had a pet (other than some very short-lived goldfish) I’m not much of an animal person in general.

19.) Do you have chickens? *blinks* Random. Um… nope! (Unless you mean chicken nuggets, in which case the answer is always yes.)

20.) Do you know any languages besides English and are there any other languages you would like to learn? I took a full year of Spanish, so I’m passable at that, but I would love to improve on that whenever I get the time to do so. I know a teeny bit of French and German and Japanese from various books/fandoms, and I’d love to learn those languages one day. Ooh, and Italian too because I am definitely travelling to Italy someday.

21.) Do you plan to start your own business? If so, then what sort of business would it be? I’ve thought about it, but I’m not making any plans to do it so far… It’d likely be something to do with writing or maybe drawing/design, like creating things to sell on Etsy. Or perhaps starting some bookish endeavor. When I was little I used to pretend I owned a store (a.k.a. my room) and it was basically Lifeway and Claire’s combined. (Christian bookstore meets jewelry/accessory store.) And I would spend the whole day dealing with imaginary customers, calling people on my toy phone to work out various business-y shenanigans, and organizing and re-organizing my store (which involved drawing signs and everything). It was a lot of fun! Maybe I’ll end up owning my own little shop one day; who knows what God’s got in store for me?

I hereby tag anyone wearing pink or yellow (or any color really because tags are fun and you should try them)… have fun with this, y’all!


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