// reasons for eucharisteo, vol. 8 //

Hey everyone!

It’s been a crazy busy few weeks, what with chorus concerts and AP tests and labs and last-minute assignments and seniors graduating and Age of Ultron and lots of feelings– but thankfully school is this close to being out, which means summer, and summertime means more time for planning out blog posts (that might actually say something intelligent instead of quoting other people for once!) 🙂 (Also I apologize for that painfully long sentence. Anyone still reading? *crickets*)

In the meantime… have some joy!

270.) in my fridge: iced tea, of any kind.

271.) in my heart: the glimmers of truth He gives daily.

272.) Matt’s praying for our extended family’s salvation. {Y’ALL. I love that kid.}

273.) Mom giving me rides to/from school (everywhere, really).

274.) Dad’s giving his time to teach my youth group.

275.) sunsets. Always.

276.) Psalm 91.

277.) trees– how they’re picturesque, even when leafless.

278.) the long-awaited return of Downton Abbey. {Which was in January. I’m back to being waaaay behind.}

279.) eating Chickfila after a good workout.

280.) “Suddenly” from Les Mis.

281.) good, serious conversations with Kristen and Taylor.

282.) Matt being my adventure buddy for 11 years today.

283.) when my principal tells us the best random stories.

284.) that God gives us the grace to love when it’s hard.

285.) “I’m a little more than useless” –Relient K.

286.) our life is not that of checklists and “good enough”, but that of faith.

287.) having a dear best friend (but more importantly, my Best Friend).

288.) the people who aren’t just seasonal friends.

289.) characters with redemption. {My favorite ones.}

290.) being able to move forward, even on a sick week.

291.) doctor’s appointments = afternoons with Mom = joy.

292.) watching Braveheart with Da.

293.) waking up in the morning to see snow, glorious snow!

294.) Gracie sent me a video and it made my life.

295.) trying to be faithful even when it’s hard.

296.) Mom and Dad really are amazing parents.

297.) pale wintry skies.

299.) my problems are so very small, really.

That’s about it for now. Hope y’all are having a delightful May. ❤

{love, Em}


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