// just a thought //

{Born of a conversation Matt + I had this morning.}



The world echoes with

A cacophony of vile thoughts and words

Strewn about in fits of anger

Or dropped in casual conversation

Just for the thrill of

Shocking people.


They’re everywhere—

Infiltrating our school hallways,

Our books,

Our so-loved Internet,

And finally

Our minds.


In a moment

Of frustration or fear (or strong emotion in general)

They fly to the forefront of our minds

(and sometimes to our lips)

No matter how sweet of spirit we are

And we feel




And no matter how hard we scrub at our mouths and tongues,

We can’t shake the feeling

That we’re unclean

And it’s unfixable

Because you can’t enter your mind with a broom

And sweep the filth away.


(Or can you?)


James says to guard our tongues—

Easier said than done

Because how can we tame

The profane?


That which does the foolish,

Audacious thing

Of praising the Lord one moment

Then turning around and

Cursing men

In the next breath.


(How dare we?)


There’s only one way, really

To tame this savage beast

We call our tongue

And it begins

With our thoughts.


(Because what’s in your heart is what overflows out.)


It begins with a word:


You fill in the blank after that.



Is true








Think on those things.


Is it easy?

Not always

But the Lord never said

We were to do it on our own strength

(Believe me, it doesn’t work.)


We can never be perfect

On this side of heaven

But use your “whatever’s”

As a shield against the profane

The filthy

The dark

And you will be victorious

Standing in His name.


That’s the thing about light:

It banishes the darkness

And when there’s Light inside us

Darkness has no choice

But to flee.


“Turn your eyes upon Jesus”

And you will find that

One day

You will go to Him with your

Worries and frustrations

Instead of entertaining

Dark seeds of thoughts and words—

Because they have no place in your heart

When it’s growing with beauty

And blooming in

His glorious Light.


One Reply to “// just a thought //”

  1. I do love this ❤ our words spring forth from our thoughts. And that is indeed something to meditate upon…


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