// real talk. //

There’s this trend recirculating around Instagram where you post your favourite Bible verse, then challenge others to do the same.

My feed’s been filled with Scripture.

Shouldn’t that be a good thing?

It is, don’t get me wrong. I love seeing people share verses they love! I even did it myself.

But when people share verses and I catch myself thinking I didn’t even know they believed in God in the first place, let alone knew Jeremiah 29:11, well…

See, that’s the problem with living in the Bible Belt: it’s so incredibly easy to fake it.

I’ve got no right to determine who’s a Christ-follower and who isn’t, but I can’t help but think of the verse that says “they will know you by your fruit”.

And if the only indication to others that you believe in God is that you share one verse because you were challenged to and feel socially obligated to do so? I would be sitting down and asking myself where my heart truly lies– because that’s what’s important.

Do we think we’re fulfilling our “Christianly obligation” by posting a verse on social media? While other Christians around the world are being executed every single day for their faith– we sit here on the religious fence, unable to take a stand for anything? Are you serious?

If you can’t stand for Christ– don’t pretend to, please. We live in a country where it’s easy to go through the motions– go to church, do good deeds, post a verse once in awhile– and never have any meaning to any of it.

Life is black-and-white, y’all. And when people are dying for this faith, there’s no room for greyscales anymore. I would honestly rather you come out and say “I don’t want any part of this” than pretend that you do. At least then you’re being real.

Even better: if you do want to stand for and with Christ? Do it. Don’t be lukewarm; Jesus says He won’t acknowledge you if you don’t acknowledge Him. Harsh? Perhaps, but that’s because this faith is quite literally an issue of life and death.

This world is full of drowning people. We have the Life Jacket— the saving grace– the solution to its problems! Why on earth would we hide it away if we have the opportunity every single day to help?

Why wouldn’t we stand with our brothers and sisters who are facing actual persecution?

Take it from someone who played the game for years: It’s not a game anymore. This is real life.

And it’s time to wake up and get moving.

You want to post your favourite verse? Please do. The world needs to hear the Truth.

But only do it if you’re willing to live wide awake.

Only do it if you’re brave enough to stand for Christ.

That is all.

{love, Em}


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