// a song and a dance: Downton Abbey appreciation post //

{Because I’m such a procrastinator and really, really would rather not write a character analysis essay for Streetcar. So instead I’m turning to my current favorite period drama…}




Downton Abbey is hands-down one of the best period dramas in existence– rivaling even the works of the esteemed Miss Austen. (*le readers gasp*) It’s true!

There’s a reason that even my period-drama-disdaining dad has been watching it since the fourth season (we’re on season five now over here in the States, in case you were wondering :))…

And now, I shall divulge the reasons I’ve been a fan of this delightful, delightful show for the past couple years now.

i. It’s set in what is quite possibly my favorite time period at the moment: from the Edwardian era into the first World War, then on to the Roaring Twenties. Oh, and it’s in England, which makes everything instantly awesome. Ahem.

And with the change of time came change in character– and fashion.

 downton fashion change unodownton fashion change dosdownton fashion change tres

ii. The fashion. Oh my word. It’s so beautiful.

fashion sistersedwardian downton ladieslady sybilsybil in pantslady mary jewelrywedding fashionslady mary wedding dressseason four fashionrose coming out gownlady rose in a rose dresslady rose wedding dress

Even the servants have better style than I do:

anna and batesanna and bates at le beachanna in bluedaisy in the kitchenawww daisycarson hughes and obrien oh myhughes again

iii. The story. Or should I say, stories. (I mean, five seasons, at least ten years, and a whole estate full of characters? There’s going to be lots of stories around here.)

Each character has an arc, even the minor ones. Each one you feel as if you know (whether you like them or not is another story). They’re always surprising you with a new facet to their personality; there’s good characters, and then there’s bad characters, and then there’s characters with questionable morals– but there’s never two-dimensional characters. Sometimes the choices they make or the challenges they face hurt you as you watch, but that’s because you’re invested in them. You care about them– they seem real to you for an hour every Sunday night.

iv. The love stories. They’re all charming, but I’ve got my favorites. Some end happily– others end tragically (for as someone wise once said, “if you get married in Downton, and your wife has a baby, one of you must die”)– but they’re all beautiful. 🙂

-Matthew + Mary Crawley

The one that took forever to finally happen but was totally worth it in the end. Mary’s the eldest Crawley daughter, full of sarcasm and elegant beauty– but mostly sarcasm. Matthew’s the family’s cousin and heir, which does not go well with Mary because she’s the eldest and should inherit her father’s estate, right? Yet after several brief engagements to others, a war, a paralysis, and general conflict… all’s well that ends well. 🙂

mary and matthew asdfghjkl mary and matthew in le snow  mary and matthew ARE THE BESSTTTmary and matthew and george

-Tom + Sybil Branson (nee Crawley)

They. Are. My. FAVORITES. (Mainly because Sybil is my absolute favorite Downton character.) She’s the youngest Crawley daughter– always the brave, independent one. He’s the family’s opinionated Irish chauffer; a marriage between them would never be allowed. So of course, what do they do? They fall in love. 🙂

i'd wait foreversybil and tommmmoh sybilawwwwwwwsybil is bravesybil tom and sybbie

-John + Anna Bates (nee Smith)

They’re just so cute, and they’ve gone through so much together that they deserve all the happiness in the world.

anna and bates are so lovelyannaaaaaa

v. The Dowager Countess. That is all.

Seriously. She provides three-fourths of the wit of this show. It’s fantastic.

dowager countessi take that as a complimentdowager countesssdowagerrrreeeeeeeegrandmothers

In conclusion: Downton is wonderful.

That’s pretty much it.

born of winter 2014-2015 095

(I sketched a thing. ‘Twas very fun to draw!)


{love, em}


2 Replies to “// a song and a dance: Downton Abbey appreciation post //”

  1. AND THIS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IS WHY I NEED TO START WATCHING DOWNTON. There’s actually an exhibit at Biltmore right now that is based on Downton and I want to go SO. BAD. Hehe but I need to find a few episodes to watch first before I go 😉


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