// reasons for eucharisteo, vol. 6 //

Guys, it’s SNOWING.

Not just a few flurries, mind you; no, it’s pouring down and coating the world in a blanket of white. My favorite kind!

Snow always makes my heart rejoice, because it’s just so beautiful and pure-white and rare here in Tennessee. I’ve caught myself standing and staring out windows for way too long several times today. 🙂

Even now, I sit here at my writing desk next to my open window, sneaking glances at this beautiful winter wonderland outside and thinking to myself that this is probably the sweetest Monday ever.

Snow reminds me how beautiful life is– and that I’ve got so many reasons to be thankful for it.

So, without further ado… (Note; these begin in mid-November)

180.) Union college visit with a dear friend.

181.) Taking my dear cousin to dinner on said Union visit.

182.) waking up to gently falling snow.

183.) unexpected gifts with handwritten notes.

184.) echoes of falling snow in my hair.

185.) surprising the grandparents.

186.) little-boy cousin cuddles.

187.) spiritual discussions with Uncle John and Aunt Christina.

188.) “then bursting forth in glorious day, up from the grave He rose again!”

189.) celebrating the life of Brother David, and knowing we’ll meet again one day.

190.) the entire Argo family, all together.

191.) becoming party planners with Taylor.

192.) the eerie beauty of a rain shower on a sunny day.

193.) people standing for purity on National TV.

194.) late night/ early morning writing.

195.) Lindsey Stirling’s “Phantom of the Opera“.

196.) breaks for Thanksgiving.

197.) family photos.

198.) early birthday presents.

199.) “The Wizard and I” from Wicked.

200.) the actual day of Thanksgiving.

201.) spontaneously holding a prayer session with Matt.

202.) the little ways my Pawpaw shows me he loves me.

203.) completing my NaNoWriMo goal of 80,000 words!

204.) the songs cut from Frozen– “We Know Better” + “More Than Just the Spare”.

205.) talking musicals with Matt.

206.) goodbyes: while sad, they leave the hope of a reunion.

207.) Christmas décor bathing the house in light.

208.) electric blankets, useful for cold upstairs rooms.

209.) Novembers.

210.) that delightful once-a-year event called a birthday.

211.) birthday emails + cards.

212.) unexpected gifts.

213.) hymns for when I feel so distant.

214.) realizing that you no longer struggle with what you did a year ago.

215.) a day of fun with Aunt Laine in Memphis.

216.) being the one people confide in.

217.) unexpectedly meeting awesome Internet friends.

218.) the rare occasions when I don’t do work in algebra/ AP English.

219.) Disney movies with the family.

220.) the newest book of the Christy Miller saga!

221.) having friends I can fangirl with.

222.) the clarity of hindsight.

223.) Christmas parties.

224.) the lightheartedness born of no longer being lonely.

225.) Jesus.

226.) creating drawings to give for Christmas.

227.) Pepperidge Farm cookies.

228.) lights twinkling from houses like beacons in the rain.

229.) hearing Matt sing in the shower, all the way from my room.

230.) Monday encouragement.

231.) trading music with Anna Grace.

232.) discovering forgotten drawings that give me fangirly feels.

233.) reading (and adoring) a book my friend published! {Lydia Petersen, The Seven Thrones. :)}

234.) “Brave” by Moriah Peters. (Over + over again.)

235.) Christmas light looking with Madre + peppermint milkshakes.

236.) Saturday afternoons with lovely friends.

237.) finally feeling that Christmas spirit.

238.) the darling kids I get to babysit.

239.) family traditions, like Memphis BBQ on Christmas Eve.

So… we’re finally to Christmas! We’re getting somewhere! 🙂

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to write and prayerfully get close to finishing my first novel! Enjoy the snow, lovely ones!

{love, Em}

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