// love’s far away, far away– but we’re movin’ closer //

the seal of wax

“Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.”

// Song of Solomon 8:4 //


On this day, Valentine’s Day, I want to share my heart with y’all.

(I love puns, guys.)

See, there’s this book. (Doesn’t it always begin with a book for me? :))

Have you ever read one of those books that just completely flips your worldview upside down, and you know as you read it that this book will mark a turning point in your life?

The Bible, obviously, is one of those books. And so is Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts. (See my first “reasons for eucharisteo” post if you’d like to know more about that one.)

But way back in middle school, a girl with braces and ponytails and cross necklaces and Aeropostale t-shirts visited the Creation Museum in Kentucky for the first time, and made a beeline for the bookstore as soon as her parents suggested they go check it out. While her father was perusing the Answers in Genesis books, her mother checked out the awesome sweatshirts and t-shirts with truth written on them, and her little brother occupied himself with toy sharks and dinosaurs, the girl hung around the teen/family books section– for she wasn’t really into all the “science-y” books like her dad.

A title caught her eye– Before You Meet Prince Charming: A Guide to Radiant Purity, written by Sarah Mally.

And the girl just knew that she had to read that book.

See, she’d been having some pretty strange and confusing and– to a middle schooler– even radical thoughts about dating.

And maybe, just maybe, this book could help her figure out exactly what she believed about it.

So she did get it, and began reading it on the car ride home that afternoon. Her nose was in that book for hours; it was charming and funny, yet poignant, and she arrived home with so many new thoughts whirling around in her head.

See, she was learning so much about what purity really means– that it isn’t just physical abstinence (something the girl had already committed herself to), but rather saving your heart for the right man. Waiting on God’s timing. Even obedience for those who walk in the faith.

Remember when Paul said, “ Now to the unmarried[a] and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I do (1 Cor. 7:8 NIV)”? Other translations say “it is better for you to remain as you are”.

Paul isn’t trying to doom us to a life of singleness. He’s trying to tell us to be content where we are.

Because God’s agape love satisfies where the eros love us girls long for cannot, and it’s only when we fix our eyes on Him that we can grow into the godly young women who will be good wives. The Proverbs 31 kind.

It’s so hard, sometimes, to trust that the pen is in His hands– but we can be confident in the knowledge that He is writing our story. The heroine can’t write her own story– that’s the Author’s job. Hers is to go forth bravely on the adventure He has planned. I believe that if this heroine is meant to have a love interest, he will be penciled in at just the right time.

And in the meantime, I will pray for him.

That he’s safe, healthy, and already a follower of Christ.

That he’s waiting for me too.

And I will write him letters– for I’m a romantic and an optimist, and I want him to know how much I’ve always loved him, how long I’ve been waiting.

But most importantly, I will fix my eyes on the Cross and choose joy no matter what my relationship status is.

Because, as Sarah Mally wrote:


I won’t lie to you and pretend it’s easy all the time— it most certainly isn’t. I go to a public school where the concept of waiting– of not dating by choice and not just because nobody’s asked you (although no, that hasn’t happened to me yet :))– is ridiculous. “Don’t you have to have experience to know what you want?” “What’s wrong with dating?” “But why would you want to have your first kiss on your wedding day?” “You must be superhuman or something– have you ever had a crush on anyone?” “It’ll be so ironic if Emily’s the first of us to get married!”

There’s really nothing wrong with it. I get so excited for my friends when they start relationships with sweet, godly guys! I read and write books where people around my age begin to fall in love– and adore them. I’m well aware that everyone’s got different convictions about this– and that’s totally fine!

But as for me, I am content to remain as I am.

Because I look around at the lonely girls who are so desperate for love that they lower their standards and give their hearts to anyone who’ll take them– and get themselves hurt every time. They don’t know that hearts are only completely secure in God’s hands.

I don’t need experience to know what I don’t want– waiting seems to me like a far better option.

And yeah, sometimes I get distracted and impatient and wonder when is he ever gonna show up?

But God is always faithful to remind me why I’m choosing this unusual path– like He did yesterday through my sweet friend Aijalon’s valentine:

i will wait for you deux

Sure, waiting is rare– but purity is like a bright light that shines out on everyone you meet.

And if you choose this path, this journey of waiting, please know that you’re not alone. You’ve got the support of your Heavenly Father, of me, of a bunch of other like-minded people. And, of course, the encouragement of these lovely songs:

“Love’s far away, far away
But we’re movin’ closer
Love’s kinda crazy it’s strange
Suddenly it finds you, oh, oh
So love wait for me
I’ll wait for you, love.”

// Moriah Peters //

{love always, Em}


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