// reasons for eucharisteo, vol. 5 //

Remember how I said I was going to get caught up with these?

Ha. I’m cute.

I’m about to share the ones from around my Disney trip– in October. Eep. So I’ll share double the number that I normally do, and maybe we’ll eventually get to the holidays, and then someday, someday… twenty fifteen. Nothing short of miraculous. And then I’ll be caught up, and the world shall rejoice. Or something like that.

120.) my Grandmommy, always there to pray and support and love.

121.) the call & the strength to love when it is hard.

122.) golden sunsets that make me anticipate His return in a blaze of glory.

123.) the birds that don’t worry– they sing.

124.) Relient K’s “Be My Escape (Acoustic)”.

125.) four adorable little girls with big blue bows.

126.) the trees and mountains of east Tennessee.

127.) road trip music.

128.) lengthy car rides that begin before dawn.

129.) morning mist arising from the valleys.

130.) the prospect of new adventures.

131.) journeys to the happiest place on Earth.

132.) little twin Elsas roaming Magic Kingdom.

133.) girls in princess dresses.

134.) having a daddy who watches over his girls.

135.) Tangled decorations– purple and lanterns everywhere. Yes.

136.) listening to “Kingdom Dance” while sitting in the Tangled town.

137.) the opportunity to meet my favorite princess!

138.) talking with Rapunzel about being out of my tower, frying pans, & ruffians.

139.) hugs from my parents.

140.) ice cream in the afternoon at Disney, just because.

141.) staying in the 50’s section of the Pop Century resort.

142.) attempts at healthy eating on vacation. (Ha.)

143.) dear friends who trust me to lift them up in prayer.

144.) feeling like a little girl again.

145.) adventures with Madre.

146.) drinking new tea from new mugs.

147.) feeling like autumn.

148.) rain that inspires creativity and makes the flowers grow.

149.) “C.S. Lewis Song” by Brooke Fraser.

150.) combination of Les Mis/ Wicked/ Phantom overtures.

151.) extended-family dinners with many a laugh.

152.) mingled anticipation and dread of NaNoWriMo.

153.) bonding with Padre over epic Christian rock anthems.

154.) the loveliness that is Spotify.

155.) Dad holding the car door open for me at night.

156.) family adventures.

157.) crimson trees all around.

158.) the beauty that is Downtown Nashville.

159.) FCA meetings to begin my Thursday mornings right.

160.) my grades do not define me.

161.) teaching Matt to bake cookies.

162.) spiritual discussions with classmates.

163.) Mom and I, each going through pruning.

164.) field trips that make Mondays infinitely better.

165.) golden sunsets seen from the front of my neighborhood.

166.) Dwell Bible studies every Sunday with my girls.

167.) time spent doing what I was made to: dwelling with Christ.

168.) talking about Marvel in sociology.

169.) days when my AP teacher drinks too much coffee & is consequently hilarious.

170.) reaching 50,000 words and chapter fourteen!

171.) when Dad teaches Matt what a godly man looks like.

172.) hikes through woodsy wonderlands.

173.) Fall Creek Falls.

174.) coziness on a frigid day– thermal pj’s, sweaters, and snuggly beds.

175.) Mom buying me candy cane tea, just because.

176.) writing a Christmas scene + listening to Christmas music + hot cocoa.

177.) the ability to make birthday/Christmas lists.

178.) there is a Truth I can stand firm upon.

179.) my youth group, small but awesome.

And now I’m off for a little family game night! Love y’all! xx

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