// scraps and scribbles //

Because my typewriter app brings about a couple of interesting bits of poetry from time to time…


{A bit ‘o music for your enjoyment, in honor of it (finally) being Downton Night…}


she once built her castles in the sky

but clouds are no firm foundation

and she can do nothing but watch

in disappointed awe

as they come tumbling down

shattered fragments of dreams

scattered around her feet

the last vestiges of a hope-filled girl

who was forced to grow up too fast

and has since learned that she isn’t

the princess of her fairy castles

because they simply don’t exist

not in reality, not for her

because this princess is

merely a pauper

and dreams don’t often cater to

girls like her.

— e.g.w.

“castles” (inspired by one of my favorite characters, Éponine from Les Mis)


maybe I’m wrong

maybe we’re nothing but dust in the wind

maybe there is no hope

of a heaven

of a God

maybe you’re right

maybe we are descendants of primal rats

maybe there is no beginning

no end

no point to any of it

but if there’s no point–

why fight so hard for life?

why stand for truth and liberty?

why seek love and peace and hope?

what if the Bible

(the story you claim is crazy)

turns out to be the only thing that

makes any sense?

what if you’re wrong

and I’m right

but you don’t know it

until the sands of time

have slipped through your fingers?

what if you took a chance

and emerged forever changed

free at last

a portrait of grace?

see, if I’m wrong

I’ve got nothing to lose

but if you’re wrong

you’ve just lost eternity

be brave, dear heart

take the leap of faith

even if it’s out of your comfort zone

what do you have to lose?


“what if”

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