// a day for eucharisteo //

Remember when I defined eucharisteo in my first “1,000 reasons” post?

If not, here’s a refresher:

Eucharisteo – yoo-khar-is-teh’-o. Verb. Greek.

Definition: To be grateful; to give thanks.

It’s the word that’s been most prominent in my mind today, on this day of national giving thanks. Because if there’s anything I’ve learned since last Thanksgiving, it’s that thanksgiving isn’t a holiday.

Why do we limit our gratitude to one day, over turkey and a piece of pie?

True thankfulness– eucharisteo– is not a murmured prayer every November with family around a food-laden table. It’s living every day with hands outstretched and a song of praise on our lips. It’s seeking and finding God in the pretty and the plain.

That’s probably what made me so excited to celebrate Thanksgiving this year– going into it with the knowledge that my gratitude doesn’t have to end when I go to bed tonight. God never intended for it to. Every day is a celebration of thanks and blessings for those who love Him. Isn’t that amazing?

Now would probably be a good time to get caught up on my reasons for eucharisteo list, but I’m currently sitting downstairs, snug in the living room, and quite frankly I’m too lazy to go upstairs and retrieve my journal to copy the list. So instead I shall end this post by saying: Today, like so many other people, I’m thankful.

For my family and friends, the best a girl could ever hope to have.

For times of plentiful food and laughter (because that can be thanksgiving too).

For those who actually take time to read this little blog.

For all the loveliness shining amidst this broken world we live in.

For my Savior, my everything.

{love, em}


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