// the One who holds the pen //

{This poem has been whirling about in my mind for the past week or so, and today I got the chance to get it down on paper– the first entry in my new writing notebook. Terribly exciting, no? Or is that just a writer’s thing?}

Each person is a book.

A blank page on which a unique story is written.

The trouble is,

We often make the mistake of thinking we’re the Authors.

But if we were writing the story,

We would want to skip ahead to the climax.


Does that make sense?

Every writer knows that

Skipping plot points makes the story fall apart.

Every moment of exposition is important–

Every period of waiting allows for character development.


I like to fancy myself a heroine,

But deep down I know that I am my own worst antagonist.

Yet this world says, “You’re the protagonist of your own tale”–

And then they turn around and add

That every heroine needs a hero

And if she isn’t actively seeking him now

Surely something is wrong with her.


Does that make sense?

Any writer knows that

The greatest heroines don’t go looking for heroes;

They are too busy telling their own stories.

Instead, the Author orchestrates the meeting

Of strangers– to friends– to the greatest of partners.


Who is this Author?

Certainly not me,

For I am merely a character in an intricate plot

Planned out by the Maker of the Stars.

He holds the pen;

Most of my life’s tale is as yet unwritten–

And that is perfectly fine.

{love, Em}


2 Replies to “// the One who holds the pen //”

  1. From a writer’s perspective, I SO enjoyed this! It’s indescribably true…we always get so caught up in wishing for things in our lives, when the most important character development is happening during those ‘waiting’ times that make us who we are. Yes ❤ lovely writing, my dear!


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