// embracing the storm //

I step outside and relish the feel of the breeze playing with my hair, the feel of autumn hanging crisp in the air, the feel of the leaves crunching under my boots. I’ve missed this feeling over the past week spent in sunny Florida.

The clouds gather on the horizon; my grandmother, standing next to me, comments on how we’re supposed to get storms later.

A year ago, I would’ve sighed over the poor weather and prayed I wouldn’t be caught outside in it.

Today, I merely smile, excitement threaded in my words as I say, “Oh, good– I just love rain!”

And I do.

Lately, I’ve learned to see the beauty in rain, to welcome the storms.

For isn’t it the rain that makes the flowers grow?

Isn’t it the rain that designs glorious rainbows?

Isn’t it the rain that brings a breath of freshness everywhere?

Isn’t it the rain that sparks creativity and creation?

So as the sky darkens, and the weather reports bring thunderstorm warnings, and the world retreats to its homes, safe and snug and warm… I smile and go hunt for my pen and paper, for every writer, every creator, knows that rain fosters productivity like no other. That’s another beautiful thing about storms.

Through the storm tonight, I will sing and write and dream with cheer.

And through the storms of life, I will do the exact same thing.

Life is so much sweeter when we sing in the rain, when we embrace the storms with hands raised and a heart full of praise, standing firm on the Solid Rock.

{love, Em}


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