// what is it like, out there where they glow? //

{disney trip - fall break 2014} 011

I originally intended for my Disney post to be light and joy-filled… but now I see that while it can still be all those things, it has to go deeper than that. No marshmallow fluff today– dark chocolate is much more fitting. So bear with me and my deep thoughts for a few moments… then we’ll get to the fluff. Sound good?


At first glance, Disney is an amusement park. {I can see you rolling your eyes already; bear with me.}

Actually, it’s five parks– Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Blizzard Beach {which we ended up not going to, since we’ve been rather spoiled by Holiday World’s waterpark}.

And these five parks contain a whirlwind of activities and fun that lasts all day and into the night.

Lights everywhere– pretty scenery from my favorite movies– a plethora of gift shops and rides and shows– parades– little girls running about in Elsa dresses and braids– music and laughter and family time.

I mean, a week in a place that celebrates some pretty amazing fictional characters?

For a writer, it’s wonderful.

But I am not just a writer who loves the characters and stories.

I’m not just a teenager who thrills at finally experiencing the pinnacle of childhood, a trip to Disneyworld.

I’m also a Christian girl.

And being a Christ-follower, I tend to view the world through a slightly different lens than most.

I look around me, and I see that Disney is filled to the brim with broken souls who make the park and characters their gods, and while away money they don’t have on trinkets and trivialities, and focus on nothing more than having a good time– all because they are so desperate for the joy and peace that they don’t realize comes from nothing else but God.

Ironic, isn’t it, that the very God they spend their lives avoiding is the same God their hearts yearn for?

I got caught up in the whirlwind too. As fun as it is, Disney leaves no time for God– for praying or quiet times or any of it. Yes, I had a blast, and it was amazing– but by about Wednesday I began to feel rather restless.

My heart lost its way in this beautiful, convincing fantasy; it wasn’t until I returned home and spent time with Jesus this morning that my heart got the sense of truly belonging again.

It was fun and entertaining, yes, but there was no peace.

“We’ll be back in a bit,” Mom tells Dad and me before hurrying across the lighted bridge after Matt, who is already running ahead to the Art of Animation resort.

Dad and I are content to sit on a bench and look out at the lake– at the lights from the resorts surrounding us, illuminating the night sky– while the others go see the Radiator Springs section of the resort. {Even the resorts are built with painstaking detail. We stayed in a charming 50’s style section of Pop Century.} It’s a beautiful night– our last night at Disney– and we are two happy but exhausted souls in need of a moment of rest.

We talk quietly for a few moments about nothing and everything, but I can tell Dad’s got something on his mind. Finally he says, “Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a lot of fun with you guys this week. But– I don’t know– it’s hard to put into words– maybe you’ve noticed it too– I just get this sense of godlessness in this place.”

I open my mouth to argue, for while Dad is a skeptic, I am an optimist, but as I stop and think for a moment– as I recall my own struggle to remind myself what truly matters– I realize he’s right.

Disney puts such emphasis on magic and imagination and good vs evil— all fine in themselves, but carefully keeping God out of the equation. They’re very convincing about it, too.

Disney is allegedly the “happiest place on earth”, yet most people are no happier when they leave than they were when they came.

Disney is a utopia– an attempt at heaven on earth with no God.

But you and I… we know better.

We know that there is no such thing as utopia, for there cannot be heaven– cannot be true happiness– where there is no God.

Please don’t misinterpret me; I loved this trip! It was such a blessing to spend the week at Disney with my family; we had several adventures, laughed a lot, and made memories we’ll cherish for years.

But at the end of the day, my soul is very happy to be home again, to spend much-needed time with my Jesus.


And now that we’re done with the dark chocolate, here’s some marshmallow fluff… a few memories and adventures…

{disney trip - fall break 2014} 003{disney trip - fall break 2014} 004

{We stayed next to a jukebox! Our resort was the darlingest. Pop Century is amazing, and so is the fifties.}

{disney trip - fall break 2014} 065

{There were so many Tangled things… it made my heart happy. And meeting her was one of my favorite things I did– her face character was so precious! We talked about how I was finally out of my tower, of ruffians and thugs, and about how she didn’t have her frying pan with her because Flynn was “keeping it safe in the castle”. So sweet! They were also in the daily Magic Kingdom parade, and the lantern scene was in the castle light show… but the best thing was walking around the Tangled village while ‘Kingdom Dance’ played… Matt and I got very excited.}

{disney trip - fall break 2014} 009

{Pictures with Cinderella’s castle– a must!}

{disney trip - fall break 2014} 010

{Twin Elsas going on adventures in Magic Kingdom… little girls are my favorites.}

{disney trip - fall break 2014} 027

{The castle, in all its lit-up glory.}

{disney trip - fall break 2014} 032

{Tinkerbell’s float at the light parade… s o  l o v e l y.}

{disney trip - fall break 2014} 064

{I think Hollywood Studios may have been my family’s favorite park…}

{disney trip - fall break 2014} 068

{…But Epcot was pretty amazing too. I especially loved the England section ^-^ Oh, and we tried Moroccan food, and that was delicious. Also, we had crepes from France and gelato from Italy. And the employees at each country were actually from the country! So wonderful.}

{disney trip - fall break 2014} 072{disney trip - fall break 2014} 073

{I bought not one, but two mugs. Aren’t they darling? The cupcake one’s from England at Epcot. I was so excited about them I washed them at ten pm last night just so I could drink the tea we purchased at Epcot out of one this morning. ^-^ (If you’re wondering, I had orange black tea from the Rapunzel mug and it was delicious.)}

All in all, a lovely, once-in-a-lifetime trip, one that I’ll cherish memories of for a long time. Life is so sweet!

And now… to enjoy this Sunday of rest. 🙂

{love, Em}


4 Replies to “// what is it like, out there where they glow? //”

  1. Emily: using your grandmother’s notebook to read this blog, I must tell you that your great grandmother, Nancy, would have
    loved your word “darlingist” and grandPaul would have played it in Scrabble!! your aunt pat is so very thankful for your love for the Trinity and for your particular thoughts you inscribed.

    may God continue to fill you with His love , knowledge, and openness to Him


  2. Wow, Emily. May I just say, I love your blog! I didn’t even know you had one until I saw it linked to your Pinterest page today. But so many of your posts are spot on (like this one ^_^). I kept scrolling down to read more and found myself saying, “Yes, that’s so very true. Yes, I absolutely agree.” haha

    Is there a way to follow by email?


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