// reasons for eucharisteo – vol. 3 //

In a quiet moment of rest amidst the whirlwind of light and music and fun and activity that is Disney, I thought it fitting to do another thankfulness post to remind myself of the lovely things that truly matter in life, and the One who created them. (Note: these are from about a month-and-a-half ago.)

61.) rainy Sunday afternoons.

62.) the scent of baking brownies.

63.) listening to loud music when I’m home alone.

64.) ice cream sandwiches on a scorching afternoon.

65.) the breeze on my face from an impending storm.

66.) unexpected thunderstorms.

67.) days of resting in God’s presence.

68.) songfic inspirations.

69.) walking into my movie theatre church on a sunny Sunday morn.

70.) a hundred voices raised in praise.

71.) my sweet mother who cares for me when I’m ill.

72.) a car that’s big enough to include the grandparents.

73.) the arrival of a much-anticipated four-day weekend.

74.) celebrating birthdays {Daddy’s}.

75.) adventures to East Nashville.

76.) dark chocolate mint ice cream eaten under fairy lights.

77.) Celtic music that sends my imagination soaring.

78.) days spent relaxing with my family.

79.) mini road trips + naps.

80.) picnics in the park.

81.) soaring on swings.


83.) celebratory Chickfila.

84.) impromptu visits from family.

85.) sending off stories for my friends to read.

86.) much-needed truth spoken at an FCA event.

87.) hot tea and pumpkin spice doughnuts on a September Sunday morning.

88.) a dad who cooks us Mexican food for dinner.

89.) a cozy bed to return to each night. {Side note: I MISS MY BED RIGHT NOW.}

90.) mom’s delicious pumpkin dip + graham crackers.

…I’m always listing food on here. It’s rather funny, actually. ^-^

Well, I must fly; we’re off to Downtown Disney. Be looking for a Disney post sometime this weekend– either Sunday or Monday!

{love, Em}


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