// crimson //

{written September 30th, 2014}


This is dedicated to the courageous Christian children who have been martyred by ISIS, and to their families— and to all who have faced persecution for their beliefs.


Take a stand for truth

And you will bleed crimson—

The fearful whispers echo through the town

Right into the ears of a young woman.


She is unafraid—

At least she tells her children so—

But remaining unafraid grows hard

When every day brings news of another friend lost.


She is watching, waiting

For the day the men come

To challenge her family—

And they will come, this much is certain.


She leaves the house only when necessary

And when she does she speaks to no one

And hurries back

Praying she’ll find her family safe.


Until the ball drops

And she opens her door

To find that the men have come

With guns at the ready.


They have invaded her home—

Twisted faces and half-crazed eyes

And home is no longer safe—

Her family no longer safe.


But the worst thing is

They do not look at her

Or her husband who stands firm—

No, they go directly to the children.


“Are you a Christian?”

Without hesitation, a courageous “Yes!”

And before the parents can protest

Shots are fired.


Innocent lives are lost—

A mother’s heart is shattered—

A father breaks down—

All because children refuse to deny their Jesus.


And on that day

As the woman meets a fate crueler than death—

Forced to watch her children martyred—

She sees crimson everywhere.


Why bother, the men ask—

Why be willing to die?

Little dreaming that these people, these children

Don’t have an ordinary faith.


Why give up your life?

Because of a Friday dark

And a wooden cross on Calvary—

A death that saved humanity.


On that fateful, glorious day,

The entire world turned crimson—

Yet we were given life

For true love is sacrificial—


And He is worth the sacrifice.


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