// reasons for eucharisteo – vol. 2 //

{and now, for some very belated blessings…}

31.) talking with friends I’ve known since I was little.

32.) Brixx pizza & ice cream & Just Dance & funny Youtube videos, all in one night.

33.) Friday evening antique car shows.

34.) the wind in my hair as I tube on the lake.

35.) freshly-baked apple muffins.

36.) quiet evenings at home after eventful days.

37.) deciding on a whim to go shopping, and driving there by myself.

38.) green tea lemonade.

39.) feeling independent thanks to aforementioned solitary shopping trips.

40.) Barnes & Noble (and bookstores in general).

41.) spontaneous late-night journaling and reading.

42.) L.M. Montgomery’s writing style.

43.) wake-up calls from the Lord.

44.) productive afternoons with the laptop cast aside.

45.) running in the park beside the library.

46.) the prospect of having classes with friends.

47.) those last few days of summer’s idyll.

48.) quiet mornings spent reading and writing.

49.) Anne Shirley, one of my favorite literary heroines.

50.) “Oceans” by Hillsong– my junior year’s anthem.

51.) days off of school.

52.) cinnamon rolls + Downton Abbey tea.

53.) my hope and security in Christ alone.

54.) celebrating anniversaries of love and faithfulness.

55.) falling in love with new musical discoveries.

56.) lengthy spiritual discussions with my daddy.

57.) weekends free from school responsibilities.

58.) staying home alone overnight.

59.) entire afternoons to write.

60.) getting comments on a blog post. {Wink wink nudge nudge 😉 Kidding, it’s a legitimate source of joy!}

{love, Em}


2 Replies to “// reasons for eucharisteo – vol. 2 //”

  1. I WANT TO MAKE EMMIE JOYFUL! ;D I so much love to read your lists, darling! And look at you! Being all grown-up and deciding to go shopping spontaneously! Yay!


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