// a welcoming note //


Hello, my friends! Welcome to my blog, and thank you for taking the time to visit!

For my first post, I think it would be fitting to explain why I chose the title I did: A Portrait of Grace.

I’ve always loved the verse in Britt Nicole’s song “World That Breaks” that goes,

And You are, You are the answer
The hope and the end to the searching
You are, You are the portrait of grace
You’re the one steady thing in a world that aches
In a world that breaks

So very beautiful. But really, when you think about it, God isn’t the only portrait of grace.

We are all portraits of His grace. As we grow and learn and stumble and get back up again, His loving mercies are interwoven through each day of our lives. On my own, I am nothing but a jumbled mess of brushstrokes that can’t even be classified as art, but I know my Creator can turn even the most broken canvas into a beautiful, radiant portrait. Portraits of grace are far from perfect; they are messy at times, especially from our limited point of view. But they are lovely in their messiness, and one day we’ll be able to see exactly how His grace turned us into masterpieces.

And this is what this blog is: a glimpse at the messy but grace-covered canvas that is my life. It is the musings of my mind, the breathings of my heart, and the scribblings of my pen. And I would love it if you journeyed on this adventure with me!

{love, Em}



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