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Hello, dear people, and welcome to my little corner of the Internet!

My name is Emily, but I’ll also answer to Em or Emmie. This little blog of mine is just a random collection of my musings and writings– from fandoms to faith and everything in between. My prayer is that everyone who reads this blog will walk away feeling loved and encouraged or, at the very least, happy. Please, do stay for awhile; I’ll pour you a cup of tea (or whatever your cozy-hot-drink of preference is) and we’ll visit for a bit and just talk about anything and everything. I’d love to be friends as we share this adventure called Life that the Lord’s got us journeying on.

“If I find in myself a desire that no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.”

–C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

Some Things I Love:


-good books

-beautiful words

-lovely music

-drinking tea


-kindred spirits


-story spinning


-vintage things

-fairy lights


-rainy days

-fangirling shamelessly



{The Wingfeather Saga. Big Hero Six. Tangled. The Book Thief. Downton Abbey. Les Miserables. Wicked (the musical). Marvel. The Princess Bride. Star Wars. Harry Potter. Jane Austen. The Chronicles of Narnia. Anne of Green Gables.}


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